'Pink Ribbon Path Project' Raises Breast Cancer Awareness

FREDERICK, MD - Almost two dozen different ribbons, each six feet tall, line the streets of downtown Frederick.

18 different artists designed the ribbons for the Pink Ribbon Path Project.

It's one of the events of the Hurwitz Breast Cancer Fund at Frederick Memorial Hospital to raise awareness and money to battle breast cancer.

"There are a lot that were done by different organizations like Oakdale Middle School. The visual arts department and the students did not called 'Erase Breast Cancer' where there's actually erasers all over it," said Sarah Hurwitz, manager at Colonial Jewelers.

The money raised will go to the fund for early detection of breast cancer.

"My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1999, and she attributes early detection to why she's a survivor," Hurwitz said.

Patty Hurwitz, who the fund is named for, is a breast cancer survivor. Her Daughter Sarah hopes to bring the Frederick community together through the project.

"It's important if you are going through breast cancer to see how much your community supports you, and we thought having the ribbons in downtown on the month of October would show that," Hurwitz said.

You can bid on eight of the ribbons beginning next week. Click here for the link.

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