Police: Fourth of July Shooting May be Gang Related

- FREDERICK, Md. - Frederick City Police arrested a third person in connection to a July 4th shooting that injured a 15-year-old girl.

Crime hasn't been stranger to the City of Frederick this summer. In fact, the city has seen four shootings in a month period and police say this is unusual.

"We typically see an increase in call volume during the summer. However, the uptick in violent activity is something that is uncommon for us," said Sgt. Joe Hayer, with the Frederick City Police Department.

In one of the most recent cases, a 13-year-old boy was arrested for allegedly shooting a 15-year-old girl on July 4th along the 400 block of Sagner Avenue. Police said they're looking at the possibility the shooter was part of a gang.

"We're continuing to explore the possibility the 13-year-old may have had gang ties, but we don't know that for sure," Hayer said.

Police have made two more arrests in connection to the July 4th shooting. They've arrested 19-year-old Micah Jeffrey and charged him with possession of ammunition and possession of marijuana. 20-year-old Romario Anderson was with the 13-year-old during the shooting, according to court records.

Police are investigating the possibility the July 4th shooting was connected to an April shots fired case.

"We are exploring that possibility, and we're also comparing evidence from those two events to see if there is a relationship," Hayer said.

Police say they'll continue to be visible in high-crime areas and make sure officers are seen on foot, on segways, and on bicycles.

"Stats have shown that there's a higher likelihood of repeat victimization in locations where there's been violent crime, so we're reminding our officers and emphasizing to our officers to be more visible in these neighborhoods, to be out of foot and to interact with the citizens more to also alleviate their fears," said Cpt. Patrick Grossman, with the Frederick City Police Department.

Police say the victim has been released from the hospital but will still need some procedures to finish recovering.
They don't believe the shooter and victim knew each other.

You're asked to call the Frederick City Police Department. You can report crime anonymously by calling 301-600-TIPS (8477).

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