Police Investigate Daytime Attempted Burglary

- FREDERICK, Md. - Officers with the Frederick Police Department are investigating an attempted daytime burglary that happened last week. 

The incident occurred Thursday, April 3, in the area of Park Ridge Drive in Frederick. 

Police say a man knocked on the door to check if anyone was home, then went around to the rear sliding glass door and proceeded to cut the screen to gain entry. Officers say the two suspects were scared off by the homeowner, before gaining entry. 

Officers say the two suspects are described as two males, 5'8"-5'10", unknown race. One man was wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt. The other man was wearing a red bandanna, t-shirt, and carrying a duffel bag. 

Police are asking residents to please make sure your home is secured, and to report any suspicious activity immediately. Anyone who knows more information on this incident, or has an incident to report you're asked to call 301-600-TIPS (8477). You can also call their non-emergency number at 301-600-2102. 

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