Police Investigate Weather in Mother, Children Deaths


HAGERSTOWN, Md. - It's been nearly a month since police found Allison Pluck and her two young children dead inside a car at Western Heights Middle School. Police continue to investigate but the community has been left with many unanswered questions.

"You always see it on the news but never think oh man right here in our own backyard," said Brian Mills, Hagerstown resident.

A mother and her two young children found dead inside a car at a parking lot.

"We're not used to something like this going on and hopefully it’s the first and the last all in one," said Brandi Goss, Hagerstown resident. 

With no signs of foul play and no suspect on the loose, police are investigating every possibility.

"She harms herself, didn't intend to harm the children and the children died of the heat. She harmed her children and then harmed herself or all three accidentally died in the car because of the heat," said Captain Paul Kifer with the Hagerstown Police Department.

Investigators know when Allison Pluck drove into this parking lot at Western Heights Middle School and when she and her two children were found dead. But as they wait for the Medical Examiner's report, there's another avenue to explore - the weather.

"We had 90 degree temperatures with a few thunderstorms into the afternoon which means we had a lot of heat, a lot of humidity and a lot of instability," said WHAG Meteorologist Bryan Schuerman.

Police are still piecing together a timeline from that day but meteorologists said temperatures reached their peak moments before the victims were found.

"So you could have had heat index values or what it felt like in that car well into excess of 110 to 120 if not closing in on 130 degrees that afternoon," said Schuerman.

Investigators said the autopsy will reveal how Allison Pluck and her two children died but as why could remain a mystery.

"We may never know why. We may never know, the reasons why they wound up where they did that day on that lot," said Captain Kifer. "There's a good possibility those questions may not get answered."

Allison Pluck and her two children have been laid to rest in the United States since this tragic incident.

Police said it will take several more weeks before they have the Medical Examiner's report.

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