Police Still Searching for I-81 Homicide Suspect

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Pa. - Tuesday marked two months since the Interstate 81 homicide that took the life of young man and left many communities shaken up. 

In the final moments of his life, 28-year-old, Timothy Davison was trying to get help. He called 911 but that call got disconnected when he crossed the state line into Pennsylvania. It was just minutes later that his car was rammed into the median and he was shot to death.

Police have been investigating since the incident. They even established a task force dedicated to finding the shooter, but two months later, they have no new leads in the case.

But many resident still have questions and concerns. 

"We live in a very peaceful community here so that's tragic, that's what it is, it was a tragic incident. I don't want people to think bad of our county because this stuff doesn't happen here," said Jeff Todd, owner of Todd's Auto Body Shop in Greencastle, Pa. 

In an effort to understand more about what happened that night, WHAG News got reports from the Franklin County Department of Emergency Services. The report details how emergency officials responded after Davison's last call for help.

Tragically, help didn't arrive until it was too late. 

At 2:21am, Maryland State troopers arrived on the scene where they relayed to Washington County dispatchers that several gun shots had been fired.  

These records show a medical helicopter wasn't available until 2:33am -- nearly twenty minutes after Davison was shot. 

By 8:12am, another helicopter circled the area to gather evidence and police remained on the scene for two hours after that. 

After hours of investigation at 11:23am, Interstate-81 finally reopened.

Community members recognize all that police are doing to find the shooter. They only wish more could have been done before the incident escalated that far.  

"And I feel bad for the family I wish there was something we could have done in this town to prevent it," said Todd. "I wish the cops would have been there a little sooner."

Since the shooting, local auto body shops have been on the lookout for Ford Rangers matching the description given by police. 

"Obviously, we didn't have any ford rangers come in but we're still looking for it," said Todd. 

From the beginning the I-81 Homicide Task Force has continued to ask the community for help. 

"We strongly believe that someone in the tri-state area will be able to provide information that will link the suspect's vehicle to the person responsible for this horrible, senseless crime," said Captain Steven Junkin, Pennsylvania State Police in Chambersburg. 

Davison has been laid to rest but this community is still searching for answers for what happened that tragic morning. 

"It was some maniac out there that took his vengeance out on a young man that, that ruined, took his life but also ruined other people's lives. His family, this is, this didn't end that day this is going to be life lived," said Todd. 

Crime stoppers and the victim's family are both offering $10,000 rewards for information leading to an arrest. Again, anyone with information is asked to call Pennsylvania crime stoppers at: 1-800-472-8477.

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