Police to Leave Warnings on Unlocked Vehicles

- FREDERICK COUNTY, Va. - The Winchester Police Department said they're urging drivers to be extra vigilant in locking their car doors and will now be leaving warnings on vehicles left unsecured in an effort to cut down on larcenies. 

According to police, they are currently investigating 66 reports of larcenies from motor vehicles since July 1, 2014. They said nearly all the cars that were reportedly broken into were left unlocked. 

Police will be checking car doors and will be leaving warnings on the vehicles that are left unlocked. 

They said the warning will read, "The Winchester Police Department was busy last night patrolling your neighborhood. We found your car door unlocked. Had we been bad guys your possessions could be gone! Please lock your doors. The vast majority of our crime is due to people leaving doors unlocked. Help us help you! Secure your vehicle and send the bad guys away."

Officers said thieves have been targeting cars in neighborhoods throughout the City and are looking for money, electronics, cell phones, navigation systems, wallets, and purses. Police said they cannot urge the public enough to stop these thieves in their tracks by protecting your valuables and doing your part to prevent becoming a victim of crime. 

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