Pop-Up Shop Event to Showcase Downtown


WASHINGTON COUNTY, Md. - This weekend, residents will see some of their favorite stores, salons and fitness centers pop up in downtown Hagerstown.

"We've been here two and a half years and we still have people coming into the door every week saying, 'Oh we've never been here before, we didn't know you were here,'" said David Herbst, owner of Misty Meadow Farm Creamery.

This weekend the creamy taste of freshly made ice-cream, milk and cheese from the Misty Meadow Farm Creamery will be more familiar to the taste-buds of Hagerstown residents.

For three days owner David Herbst will serve his products in a vacant storefront downtown for the Pop Up Shop event sponsored by the Downtown Movement.

"We wanted to help support the downtown. We think downtown is an asset to the whole community...and it will be good for it to get up and running and be more vibrant," said Herbst.

More than ten Washington County storefronts will pop up in vacant spaces, as the downtown Hagerstown movement hopes to show residents how vibrant the area could be in the future.

"It's the way for the community to get a glimpse but also show their support to the shops, to the city. And let them know that we are here, that we have a voice and we are excited. We want our downtown to thrive," said Rori Daughtridge, group leader of the Downtown Movement.

They also hope to inspire more people and stores to come downtown.

"Hopefully this will show somebody that an ice-cream parlor can make it downtown, and they will want to go in on that," said Herbst.

The owners are using the vacant spaces free of charge. The Pop Up Shop event will start this Friday at 4 p.m. and end Sunday.

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