Pro Levy Morgan County Parents Rally for Support

BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. - Morgan County parents, students and community members gathered near the court house Thursday afternoon to encourage early voters to support the new proposed school levy. 

Last year, the levy failed with many residents opposed to their tax dollars funding programs outside the school. Since then, school officials have cut the levy from 100 percent to 70 percent. 

"We're talking about $5.5 million that we need to fund education and in West Virginia all school systems run excess levies because the, the formula is such that it's not adequately funding. So you have a choice really, you can either except the inadequate funding or you go and try to get a levy passed and that's what we're trying to do here," said David Banks, Morgan County Superintendent. 

If the proposed excess levy doesn't pass, it will cut teacher salaries, technology and various school programs. It's a factor that concerns many residents. 

"My driving force is I've had a lot of opportunities throughout school. And I feel like the younger kids should have just as much opportunity as I did as far as AP classes, extra curricular activities things like that. I was very involved as a students and I hope kids get that chance as well," said Katie Zakerwski, Berkeley Springs High School senior. 

"Well, it affects all the businesses in town in our county because if another business wants to relocate here or large company, they are very interested in having good education for their employers children and management's children so it's going to affect the whole county if this levy fails," said Connie Perry, member of the Morgan County Economic Development Authority. 

Many residents believe the community has come together to support this cause and that the new levy will pass 

The proposed excess levy is on the ballot during the primary election. The last day to vote for or against it is May 13. 

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