Profile: 8th Cong. District Candidate Ken Timmerman

FREDERICK, MD - Many people in Frederick County, Maryland will vote in the 8th Congressional District for the first time now that redistricting has split the county in half.

Farming is a big part of the county community. Ken Timmerman, the Republican nominee in the 8th Congressional District, says he understands the needs of farm families. His wife managed a 1,500 acre farm.

"If you're farming in Western Maryland, if you're a dairy farmer in Frederick County, I will be there for you, even at three in the morning," Timmerman said. "I know what you're doing when those calves are being born."

Another issue Timmerman says he'd champion is reining in federal spending.

"We have to get our deficit under control. We have to get our spending under control," Timmerman said. "We do not have a revenue problem in Washington. We have a spending problem in Washington, and my opponent, Chris Van Hollen, seems to forget that. He just wants to borrow more money, charge it on our kids' credit card, and then spend it on wasteful projects."

Another one of Timmerman's priorities is energy independence. He wants to give consumers a choice at the polls.

"Do you want to buy $3.80 gasoline from from Saudi oil, or do you want to go to the next pump and buy methanol made from Pennsylvania natural gas at $2.20 a gallon," Timmerman said.

Timmerman worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years.

"I was taken hostage in Lebanon by terrorists in 1982," Timmerman said. "The year after that, in 1983, I was on the ground in beirut when terrorists supported by Iran blew up our embassy."

Timmerman believes his reporting and investigative experience overseas gives him a better perspective of our military.

"My opponent wants to cut a trillion dollars from the military. We have to make sure our war fighters have the best equipment and the best training," Timmerman said.

From understanding the needs of our military, to identifying with the challenges of farmers., Timmerman thinks he's a perfect fit to represent the people of Western Maryland.

The candidate will be in Frederick County this Monday, October 29, with the Tea Party Express. For more information, click here.

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