PROFILE: Md. District 6 Congressional Republican Primary Candidates

- WESTERN MARYLAND - Voters will decide the winner of the Republican primary in Maryland's 6th Congressional District on June 24, 2014.

District 6 covers all of Garrett, Allegany, and Washington Counties and about half of Frederick and Montgomery Counties. It was redistricted two years ago, knocking out long-time Republican Congressman Roscoe Bartlett. Dan Bongino and Harold Painter, the two Republicans running for the nomination in the primary, say right Republican can take back the District 6.

Bongino says he'd try to help farmers in Western Maryland.

"Agriculture has been decimated. It's roughly 14 percent of the state's jobs. It's a very big deal in Western Maryland and in portions of Southern Maryland and the Eastern Shore as well. I'm running in Western Maryland, but the land regulations are absolutely bankrupting farmers," said Bongino, (R) - candidate, Md. 6th Congressional District.

Painter was born and raised in Cumberland and would like to bring back jobs to the area.

"In Western Maryland where I'm originally from, I think the bigger issue is jobs and quality of jobs. I would try to get out, have an office in Western Maryland, not just down in Washington D.C., and meet the people frequently," said Painter, (R) - candidate, Md. 6th Congressional District.

Painter says Marcellus Shale drilling is also an important issue to him, while Bongino hopes to cut taxes to keep more money in people's wallets.

"I support, at this point, major tax cuts," Bongino said. "Fatten up your wallet, and shrink government budgets. On ObamaCare, I support personal control over your health care, which we moved away from."

"The major play maker they've [Western Maryland] got right now is probably the Marcellus Shale formation, and I know there's going to be environmental concerns there," Painter said. "You have to address the environmental concerns sure, but people need jobs."

Bongino also supports drilling at the Marcellus Shale, and Painter says he would like to turn Western Maryland's coal into gas and import less oil from the Middle East.

The winner of this primary will face the incumbent, Democratic Congressman John Delaney, in November.

Bongino is a former secret service agent, and Painter works as a certified public accountant.

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