PROFILE: Md. House of Delegates Dist. 2A Republican Primary

- HAGERSTOWN, Md. - Maryland's primary election is in less than two weeks now, and the Republican candidates for the Maryland House of Delegates in District 2A are getting ready for the big day.

District 2A covers all of Washington County, except Hagerstown and from Williamsport west. David Hanlin is challenging the two incumbents.

"I'm finding out when I talk to constituents that they're worried about jobs, a lot of uncertainty about the job markek out here and whether we're developing enough jobs out here locally because of the state's issue primarily. We're also having issues with education. There's concerns about education," said Hanlin, (R) - candidate, Maryland House of Delegates District 2A.

Delegates Andrew Serafini and Neil Parrott are the incumbents and hoping for another term in office.

"Washington County in particular with transportation and construction and some of those, we've been hit harder, and we really need the state, in my opinion, to kind of back off and let us do what we know we need locally here," said Serafini, (R) - candidate, Maryland House of Delegates District 2A.

"We look at really the economics of what's happening in Washington County. We look at farmers, and there's overregulation. People are having a hard time maintaining their farms with the new regulations that are coming on board and even the threat and more and more regulations that we see," said Parrott, (R) - candidate, Maryland House of Delegates District 2A.

Lowering taxes is a common theme among the candidates in District 2A. They want to keep Washington County competitive since it boarders Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia."

People will vote for two candidates on the ballot this year.

"I think what we're doing educationally, I think the things that the board of education is doing, and I think our community college and USMH, it makes us unique," Serafini said.

"I want to see lower taxes, I want to see less government intrusion, less bureaucracy, and make it streamlined so that the government gets out of the way, and families can strive," Parrott said.

"My goals are to help reduce taxes, to participate in a discussion about reducing taxes and regulatory reform in the state because we're chasing businesses away. I know people who have jobs here who are moving out of state," Hanlin said.

Two of the three candidates will move onto the general election in November.

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