PROFILE: Md. House of Delegates Dist. 3A Democrat Primary

- FREDERICK, Md. - Four candidates are getting ready for the Democratic primary in the Maryland House of Delegates District 3A race, which covers Frederick City and its surrounding areas.

"The need for us to invest in education and transportation infrastructure are two key components economists believe are important to improve the business climate, so that's the linkage between investing in education and infrastructure and improving the business climate in our state," said Carol Krimm, (D) - candidate, Maryland House of Delegates District 3A.

Krimm believes helping seniors in the district is crucial. She said she would push for a proposal in Annapolis to assist seniors with affordable housing. One of her ideas would be to give them a rental property tax offset. Krimm would also like to improve water quality and quantity and have the state do a better job with water appropriations.

"The major issues here in Frederick are focused on affordability around higher education, as well as taking care of our seniors. There's going to be a high increase in the retirees in Frederick County, about 39,000," said Roger Wilson, (D) - candidate, Maryland House of Delegates District 3A.

Wilson would propose taking $400 million from the Maryland State Lottery and use that money to give students with a high grade-point average a full scholarship to a state community college. He would also like to increase jobs in information technology, cybersecurity, biotechnology, and life sciences, as well as promote developments in renewable energy and drone technology.

"The most important issues are a strong education, having good jobs locally, a strong economy, making sure our air and water are clean, reducing our traffic congestion, and making sure that we have affordable housing for our seniors and for our working families," said Karen Lewis Young, (D) - candidate, Maryland House of Delegates District 3A.

Young believes the district needs a strong leader with excellent problem-solving skills. She would like to give seniors on a fixed income and tax credit, in addition to increasing social services that allow them to stay in their home for as long as possible.

"Transportation is hands down the most important issue. It unlocks everything else. It will allow us to one, make the lives of our existing residents easier because most of them commute down I-270 for jobs. If we expand MARC train service, we can get more of those people off I-270," said Nicholas Bouquet, (D) - candidate, Maryland House of Delegates District 3A.

Bouquet says he's a huge supporter of a living wage and would like to adjust Maryland's minimum wage for future inflation. He'd push for more money for new schools and and increase funding above the maintenance of effort.

Primary day is on June 24, 2014, and early voting starts June 12, 2014.

Two of the four Democrats will move onto the General Election in November.

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