Project Big Love Helps Kids Going Back to School


MONT ALTO, Pa.- Going back to school takes a lot of preparation. Kids need to be well-prepared and sometimes families struggle to get all the necessities. However, a non-profit organization called Kaiman's Call hosted their second annual Project Big Love event on Saturday to help out kids and their families.

"School time is a time where a lot of families just don't have the extra bit they need in their budget for shoes, backpacks, hair cuts," said Tammy Duty, President of Kaiman's Call. "This is an opportunity for us to give back."

The back to school event gives kids everything they need to get ready for the school year. Over fifty churches and fifty businesses help donate items to make the event possible. One of the things the kids get to do is choose from over 5,000 shoes that are donated.

"If you have a chance to see the smile on their faces as they walk and check out their new shoes as they're walking, it's wonderful," Duty said.

The families also got to take home free groceries as part of the event, and kids got to enjoy all the activities in the fun zone including games and face painting. The organizers say the event is well worth all the effort.

"It's beyond words," Duty said. "I don't know if I have words that express the gratefulness in my heart to be able to do this."

"Where else can you go and for a day, work your butt off, be a part of thousands of people's lives and be better for it?!" said Randy Davis, a volunteer.

Organizers say they had about 800 volunteers and around 4,000 people were in attendance.

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