Proposed Cuts Could Affect Emergency Services Budget

JEFFERSON COUNTY, W.Va. - Jefferson County Commissioners met Monday afternoon to talk about the upcoming budget and to get public input.

The budget issues caused a buzz in the community because of a proposed 25 percent cut to the emergency services budget.

Commissioner Dale Manuel says he shares that concern, but that the board wants to be realistic when it comes to the budget deficit.

While it is likely there will be some cuts, Manuel says their hope is that the cuts will be less than 25 percent.
Many claim drastic cuts will result in some fire departments 

"We are in a major problem with our budget. Three million is being taken out in cuts. We've accomplished 1.2 million. But we still have to work on 1.8," says Jefferson County Commissioner Dale Manuel.

Jefferson County Commissioners said they have not yet set a date to vote on the measure, but will continue the discussion Tuesday morning. 

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