- FREDERICK, Md. - Local human rights groups, Frederick Rising and Unsettle Frederick teamed up Thursday, in a solidarity march around the city following the death of Ferguson Missouri teen, Michael Brown.

"I have an 8-year-old son...It can happen anywhere. It actually happens everyday...all over the United States," said Raynard Wars, a protester.

Messages ranging from "R.I.P. Michael Brown" to "black people in this country are under attack" were repeated by protesters as they made their way from the Frederick County Courthouse to City Hall. Meanwhile, at least a dozen police personnel were on the scene to manage the crowds.

The protests have reached cities nationwide after Brown, who was unarmed at the time of his death, was gunned down by police officer, Darren Wilson. The series of events that led up to that fatal exchange are not clear, but the final outcome has triggered strong emotions.

By contrast, some bystanders withheld judgment in light of the open investigation.

"We should wait and see all the facts and weigh out what really happened and understand from both sides. Not just one but both," said a Frederick woman who lives near the park where the protests began.

Many who attended the event called the shooting of Michael Brown a recent example of a longstanding issue.  

"It has been manifesting itself within the last 6 to 7 decades," said Watu Mwariama, a member of Unsettle Frederick.

Police say they have not received any reports of foul play during the march.

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