Ranson Dairy Queen Total Loss After Large Fire


RANSON, W.Va. - A local Dairy Queen is destroyed after a fire tore through the building early Monday morning. 

The blaze happened around 4 a.m. on the 100 block of South Mildred Street in Ranson. 

Firefighters from Independent Fire Company said after ten minutes on the scene the roof collapsed, causing even more damage.

They said luckily, no one was injured but the structure is a total loss. Crews said they would be on the scene until the afternoon. 

"We started interior tact and a few minutes after we were here, the second crew came in to assist and we had to pull out because the structure collapsed and knocked down the roof on the inside. We are in the savage and overhaul process, just trying to pull that out," said Asst. Fire Chief Michael Hough with the Independent Fire Company. 

The owner of the restaurant said the building has been in her family for years, and it's heartbreaking to know it's gone. 

"It makes me very sad, for one thing the employees that are going to be without a job for six months or however much time it takes to rebuild. We have other stores in Martinsburg and Shepherdstown that we'll move a lot of the employees to, but we have quite a few that don't drive, so they will be without," said Vicki Peterson, owner of Ranson Dairy Queen. 

Fire officials say about one block of South Mildred Street between 5th and 6th Avenue was shut down for about four hours. The roadway is now back open. 

Officials are still not sure what caused the fire. The investigation is ongoing. 

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