Recent Road Rage Incidents Scaring Some Drivers

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - It's been more than seven months since Timothy Davison was run off the road on Interstate-81 and then shot and killed. And with a recent road rage incident just days ago, it's putting some residents on edge.

Police are still looking for a man who displayed a gun during an apparent road rage incident on August 17, 2014. Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Hicks said severe road rage incidents are rare, but it does happen.

"The victim was pulling out of his driveway and the suspect was coming up behind that individual on the roadway, and he had to stop quickly to avoid rear-ending the victim's vehicle," Hicks said. 

"The victim ended up getting out of his vehicle to see if the suspect was okay, and at that time the suspect grabbed the silver handgun and actually pointed at the victim and told him to get back in his car," Hicks added.

One resident, Matthew Sites, said he thinks it's because our society is a more stressful environment.

"I think people's stress levels are so high that their tolerance for even the simplest things as someone pulling in front of you, they just cant handle it, and their reacting to it in a way that's not good," Sites said.

Tiffany Atwood said she was driving all day and said she's noticed many road rage incidents throughout the day, but pulling a gun is crossing the line.

"I'd probably honk my horn and I might yell a little and stuff like that, but I don't think I'm going to go all out," Atwood said. "I don't know why anyone would pull a gun on someone because they pulled out in front of them."

Hicks said one possibility people are displaying their guns during road rage situations is to intimidate.

"The intimidation factor, most people see a gun they're going to turn away and leave the situation as which is the smart thing to do," Hicks said.

"Sometimes it'll actually be a rolling type of situation where the vehicles are both driving and if they're mad at the other driver, just might show a gun at the window to let the other person know, hey I do have a gun, once again intimidation factor," Hicks said.

Hicks said the best thing to do in a road rage situation is to pull over and call 911. 

According to Hicks, police do not have any leads with the August 17 road rage incident, nor have any major leads with the I-81 homicide.

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