Recovering Addicts Reach out to Community


FREDERICK, Md. - Its National Recovery month and this month more than ever, people say events like these are needed in communities across the country.

“I was to a point where I was homeless, car less, jobless and went to rehab and all the resources on Frederick County are just amazing. I moved it here from New Mexico four years ago with a bad addition problem I continued to be active in that, until about five months ago,” says Daniel Vernnoy, of Frederick, Md.

Those recovering say community resources have changed their lives; they were joined by others in the community to promote recovery for mental disorders and substance use.

“Were definitely seeing a lot of things across the country and I think that's why education is important and that's why we're here today. It's an opportunity to celebrate but also to educate the public,” says Santita Prather of the Health Department.

The Health Department says most people who suffer from addiction face other illnesses. They  ay they can help people find effective treatments for their needs, that’s why this year’s theme is pathways to recovery.

“Like depression so it works hand in hand and we want to make sure we're treating both things effectively,” says Prather.

“Addiction comes from a mental health stand point I believe and there are many resources out here available it just comes with open change and having an open mind and willingness to do it,” says Aaron Mohler, of Frederick, Md.

People shared their stories of recovery, letting the public know first hand, behavioral and mental health is essential to overall health.

“We want to de-stigmatize this whole thing as an addiction, and make it so it's like another illness someone has,” says Prather.

The Health Department offers services for anyone looking for help, and wants to assure the public they have nothing to be ashamed of. Anyone looking for help should reach out to their local Health Department. People in Frederick County, Maryland can click here.

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