Red Cross Brings Aid To Clear Spring

- CLEAR SPRING, Md. - With their uniforms on and trucks full of supplies, Red Cross volunteers from the Chesapeake Region responded to the Clear Spring community, Saturday. After the disastrous flash flood, volunteers were on the go, ready to meet their client's needs.

"As far as the meals [we're] providing water, sandwiches to eat...we'll also provide some families clean up kits just to help them clean their residence that has been affected by the flood waters," said Mike Kepler, volunteer with the Red Cross.

With more than 30 families seeking help after the flood, Red Cross volunteers remained busy all day. Affected families were provided need-based client cards to make their transition as smooth as possible. A bit of help that went a long way for the Brooks, who say the flood aftermath has been costly.

"Its cost us pretty much everything in the down stairs. It's a total loss," said Paul Brooks, who lives in Clear Spring.

As residents were allowed back into their homes Saturday, Brooks recalled the damage done to his kitchen which is on the verge of sinking in to the basement. Just a look inside and it was clear that most of the appliances were not salvageable. Red Cross assisted the Brooks, throwing them a life line during a difficult time.

"The red cross has been helpful. They put us up in a hotel, they've given us food and water relief through out the day," said Brooks.

And although it was not under ideal circumstances, the Red Cross was present throughout Clear Spring, helping those who needed a hand.

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