Remnants from Meth Lab Force Martinsburg Basketball Team to Leave Motel

The Martinsburg Bulldogs Boys Basketball team had to move because a meth lab was discovered at their hotel in Charleston several weeks ago and the rooms they were in were not quarantined.

We spoke over the phone to Head coach David Rodgers.  He said his team needed to move out of their hotel room and move to a different hotel after moving out of a Motel 6 the team was staying in in Charleston.  The hotel was shut down by the Kanawha County Health department.

Team members were not allowed to enter the affected rooms to get their belongings, Rogers said.  The team was relocated to a hotel in South Charleston, Rogers said.When we spoke to Coach

Rodgers he said all players were safe and they have moved to a different hotel and are getting new uniforms for the jersey's that were in the unquarantined rooms.  Martinsburg had to move a practice schedule originally scheduled for 5:00pm to 9:00pm at South Charleston High School.

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