Rep. Capito Visits Martinsburg VA Center


MARTINSBURG, W.Va - Representative Shelly Moore Capito (R. W.V.) visited the Veteran Affairs Medical Center on Tuesday in light of the recent federal audit about the center's wait time.

“And so to meet that challenge to make sure that veteran gets absolutely, they served us so we want to serve them as best we possibly can,” said Representative Capito.

Representative Capito toured the Martinsburg facility and talked with staff and veterans about their services and improving wait time.

“All of these appointment issues, making sure people are seen. And making sure they get quality care that's not just at the hospital that's at the clinics as well. So we talked a lot about that because that's were a lot of our veterans are being served,” said Representative Capito.

She said two bills were recently passed in congress that would help the process.

One assisting with the hiring and firing of VA managers and the other giving veterans access to private services if they don't live near a facility.

Capito said the local VA staff is taking this audit seriously and working to improve their appointment systems and utilizing community resources to better serve local veterans.

“And I think they're trying to make sure the morale in and around the hospital stays up and that every single veteran is treated with the same individual attention,” said Capito.

The audit showed the Martinsburg facility keeps veterans waiting for 47 days to be seen for a primary care appointment when the goal is closer to 14 days.


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