Rep. Roscoe Bartlett Says His Experience Makes Him Ready for Another Term

FREDERICK, MD - Congressman Roscoe Bartlett always carries his pocket constitution, and he believes very strongly in it.

The Republican has held Maryland's 6th Congressional seat for two decades, and he thinks many of his major accomplishments involve the armed services.

"You can now fly a flag in your apartment or wherever," Bartlett said. "Homeowners associations used to not permit you to display anything, including the American flag."

Bartlett helped pass a law so children and spouses of service members can receive more education benefits.

Another law Bartlett is proud to help pass requires military dogs to be put up for adoption, rather than euthanized.

The congressman has helped get more than $600 million for Fort Detrick over the past two decades. That includes several million dollars for the new Nallin Farm Gate to help relieve congestion in the area.

"There's two kinds of jobs, in construction and the permanent jobs that will be here as far as the eye can see as a result of this construction," Bartlett said. "It's jobs, jobs, jobs. Is the number one concern of our citizens on the country at this time."

Bartlett says getting another term in office will be more challenging this time.

His district lines now go into the much more liberal parts of Montgomery County after redistricting.

"We're just trying to get our message out to the people that we really do represent their interests," Bartlett said. "I'm far and away the greenest Republican on Capitol Hill. I probably cross the line to work with Democrats more than anyone else in the Congress."

Bartlett says his opponent, Democrat John Delaney, is a blank canvas, so voters don't know what they're going to get.

"He [Delaney] will vote with the Democrat majority. If he doesn't vote with the Democrat majority, he will have zero impact and leverage in the Congress," Bartlett said. "If you want our country to have more government and more taxes and more regulations, he's your guy. If you think that we need less government and more individual accountability, then you'll vote for me."

That's a decision voters will make at the polls on November 6th.

Bartlett is the second-oldest serving member of Congress and got his Ph.D at only 26 years old.

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