Report: Making Time for Daily Physical Activity


WHAG NEWS - A recent study released from the Center for Disease Control reveals many people do not get any physical activity in their free time.

If you had asked Dwayne Christophel three years ago about his physical activity, he wouldn't have much to say. Now he is at the Chambersburg Fitness Center, four times a week.

"I work night shift. I'll get off in the morning, I'll grab a little bit to eat and I come in here and workout, and then I'll go do whatever else I got to do and then get my sleep," said Dwayne Christophel, resident.

Many residents remain where Dwayne was three years ago.

According to the 2014 CDC State Indicator Report on Physical Activity, 26.2 percent of adults in Pennsylvania and Maryland get no physical activity in their free time. West Virginia adults are at 35 percent and Virginia at 25 percent. 

"It's an issue of priorities; people say, I don't have time to exercise. In fact, if they don't exercise and take care of themselves they are not going to be able to accomplish anything else they need to do in their life anyhow," said Cindy Pryor, owner of Chambersburg Fitness Center.

For Dwayne, getting back to exercising was life changing, mentally and physically.

"I needed to lose about 30 pounds, and but then the exercise actually made me feel good. I was really feeling down, so it made a big difference," Dwayne said.

The CDC recommends for substantial health benefits adults should do at least 150 minutes a week of moderate intensity or 75 minutes a week of high intensity aerobic activity.

Dwayne said it's all about letting go of your fears and excuses.

"Everybody starts where they are at, whoever you are at that is okay, just come in and do something and get started," said Dwayne.

The owner of the Chambersburg Fitness Center said during summer months some of the best workouts can happen from just walking in the park or taking a swim at the pool.

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