Republican Candidate Campaigns for Governor of Maryland


FREDERICK, Md.- Republican candidate, Larry Hogan, is running for Governor of Maryland. On Saturday he stopped by Harry Grove Stadium as part of his statewide bus tour.

"We're on a 14 day, 24 county whistle stop tour with a hundred different stops, and this is one of our important stops," Hogan said. "We love Frederick."

Hogan stopped by the stadium to meet fans and to get the word out about the primary election which is on June 24th.

"We're just trying to make people aware of the fact that the election's coming up, and encourage everyone to get out and vote."

The candidate says, change and leadership are necessary in Maryland, and that's what he hopes to ring to the table if elected governor.

"Regardless of people's political affiliation, regardless of how they're registered, most people in Maryland, a majority of people, feel that we need a change in leadership and we're heading in the wrong direction," Hogan said. "So we're pretty encouraged, but we need their help."

Hogan's main focus is bringing more jobs to Maryland, taking care of middle class families, and restoring the economy. He also hopes to eliminate more than $1.75 billion in wasteful government spending.

"We're going to cut spending first, then we are going to try to roll back as many as these tax increases as we possibly can because it's killing our economy and squeezing middle class families and killing small businesses."

Hogan will be running against fellow republicans David Craig, Ron George and Charles Lollar.

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