Republican Candidate for MD Governor Talks Issues

- HAGERSTOWN, Md. - One of the candidates in the race for Maryland Governor stopped by WHAG Friday morning.

David Craig, running on the Republican ballot, said he's running to serve his state, a motto he's carried with him after years of service as a teacher.

"I'm not a career politician, I'm a career public servant," Craig said.

He's got three main issues which he's focused on: the economy, jobs, and taxes. All three, he said, are on the same plate.

He said, it's more important to spend money well, and efficiently.

However, he did say he's looking to make some changes to current programs, like the Affordable Care Act, and Common Core.

"...and everyone pretty much agrees with the Common Core issue with education, is I tell people, education is about common sense, not common core," he said. He went on to say, educational decisions should be left up to local leaders and school officials, not federal government. 

Current Hartford County Executive, Craig said, as Governor, he'll cut taxes, but he won't cut service. 

"I also want to put in legislation that if a product is manufactured in the state of Maryland, and sold in the state of Maryland, it would not have a sales tax at all. That is good for buy local program. That would help our farmers," he said.

This is Craig's 21st run for an elected office.

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