Residents React to What Feels Like An Endless Winter

- FREDERICK, Md. - We may be in March but the weather is telling us otherwise. The National Weather Service issued a winter storm warning to take effect Sunday afternoon through Monday afternoon, and Frederick County, Maryland residents agree that winter has worn out its welcome.

"I can't believe its March and its still snowing. It's still winter. I'm ready for spring," said Betsy St. John, from Brunswick, Md. 

A few days ago, we got a glimpse of the sun, but the frigid temperatures helped maintain the massive piles of snow all though out the four-state area.

For Sandy Mac Master, who recently moved here from Tennessee, this weather is unusual.

"I came from Tennessee so this is definitely new to me. I enjoy looking at it from inside but as far as having to get out and shovel it and take care of it, it's not so much fun," said Sandy MacMaster. 
With the official start of spring a little less than a month a way, Frederick residents like Mariedith Poquiz say she can't wait for the weather to warm up.

"I'm ready to break out my spring clothes. Its still in the boxes. I'm tired of the winter," said Poquiz.

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