Restaurant Donates to a Different Charity Each Week

- WOODSBORO, Md. - A restaurant in Frederick County, Maryland has found a unique way to give back to the community.

The United Way of Frederick County does so much to help out the community, and now they're getting some help of their own from an unlikely place.

"I think it's a great way to involve a local business, as well as local residents and local citizens in being a part of making a better community, making a difference in our community," said Josh Pedersen, CEO of the United Way of Frederick County.

The owners of Trout's Towne Restaurant started a fundraiser last year where they donated to 10 charities for 10 weeks. They gave a dollar for every dessert and omelet sold.

"It was so popular that we decided we would make it our business model, so from then on, we've just continued it," said Mary Jo Trout, co-owner of Trout's Towne Restaurant.

Mary Jo and Andy Trout own Trout's Towne Restaurant in Woodsboro and are permanently donating to a different charity in Frederick County.

"It just warms my heart," Trout said. "I love to do it, and when you can make a difference, even if it's a small difference, it's a difference."

Every week or two, another non-profit group benefits from the generosity of the Trouts.

"We have fire departments that are always asking for donations, and we think we can raise a lot more for them than just giving a gift certificate," Trout said.

The Trouts have donated about $15,000 to charities this year.

"It helped some of our prevention programs, the food banks, some financial literacy classes, as well as our community health class," Pedersen said. 

Pedersen hopes Trout's Towne Restaurant becomes a shining example in the community.

"I think it sets a great standard, an example for other small business on a simple way to engage to community in giving back," Pedersen said.

The duo is giving back to the community and putting a smile on the faces of people like those at the United Way.

The Trouts are booked with non-profit groups through February and are always looking for new charities to donate to. For more information, and to see who will be helped out, click here.

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