Runners Lace Up Their Shoes For A Good Cause

- BOONSBORO, Md.- Reach of Washington County kicked off its Second Annual Finish Line running event at the Family Recreation Park on Sunday, with all proceeds going towards the non-profit.

"The way that we get income is by doing fundraisers,” says Pam Johnson. “We have a lot of people that support us on a regular basis, but to really bring in the money we need, we wanted to do some fundraisers"

Johnson is the crisis and development director at Reach. The organization’s primary focus is on the prevention of homelessness. They also help others in the area who are struggling.

"We do crisis assistance for people who are facing eviction,” Johnson added. “And then basic needs like IDs and birth certificates for people who have no money for those.”

So what better way to raise money than offering Peep-themed run!

"It’s almost Easter so we thought hey, let’s go with peeps!” Johnson says.

"It’s a great cause so we figured you know what, let’s do it,” says Karen Weaver, a participant at the event. “Then we read that there was a Peep theme, and we're like oh, we have to take advantage of that!”

Runners got to choose between running a half marathon, a 10k or a 5k. All while dressed up as the classic Easter candy.

"This is the most fun event,” Johnson says. “Everybody is happy and excited, so it's just a lot of fun to be out here"

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