Sandy Invites Rain, Gusts, Snow & More Diners

HANCOCK, MD - Hurricane Sandy has left many without power. Some restaurants like the Park N Dine in Hancock are taking advantage.

Park N Dine Waitress and Cashier, Soleil Babington, says, "Everyone that's come in has been out of power except a couple customers. I didn't think we were going to be busy, but we've been very busy all day."

A customer from Garrett County, Terri Terando, stepped in for a warm meal but has been without power for more than 24-hours.  However, it wasn't Sandy's strong gusts and rain to blame.

"Last night when the electric went out you could just hear the trees cracking because they're just so full of snow," says Terando.

She lives near Deep Creek where the tropical storm pounded the area with a blizzard.

It looks like a battle zone," she says, "I mean there's trees down everywhere and I mean this is one of the worst storms. I lived in Garrett County 23 years and this is one of the worst experiences."

There's already more than a foot of snow covering the ground there and more on the way.  The power company says it might be days before electricity is restored for those residents.  Which is why Terri and her family are in Hancock to pick up a back up generator and a hot meal.

Babington says, "Normally on Tuesdays we're slow. We might have a little rush but it's not nothing. Today it's been non-stop busy all day. I think we had like maybe a 10-15 minute break today where we didn't have anybody in the whole restaurant."

Employees say all are welcome to whine about Sandy and Dine at the Park N Dine.

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