Scan-Tec Inc. Holds Balloon Test for New Communication System

- WHAG NEWS - On Tuesday, Scan-Tec Inc. conducted a balloon test for a new comprehensive communication system in Winchester. 

The Timbrook Public Safety Center is the new proposed site for a communications tower that will mainly serve for public safety. 

The test consists of flying a tethered balloon at the height of the proposed tower. Personnel conducting the test will then photograph the area where the balloon is flying. They say the photos will be analyzed to determine if the tower will be intrusive to historical sites visited. 

"This system will serve the entire city. It will give s more frequencies to work with, give us a trunk system that will be digital. A basically state-of-the-art system," said Lynn Miller, Emergency Management Coordinator. 

Organizers say they are excited to start implementing the program in October 2015. 

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