Senator Proposes Gas Tax Increase in Maryland

FREDERICK, MD - Drivers in some parts of Maryland could have to shell out more at the pumps.

Senator Ron Young, of Frederick and Washington Counties, is sponsoring a bill to allow each county and municipality to raise their own gas tax.

"If they choose to do it, the money generated in that jurisdiction would stay in that jurisdiction for transportation projects within that jurisdiction," says Young (D).

The bill would increase the gasoline tax two cents per gallon.

The money could go to transportation projects in the jurisdiction.

"There's also a concern among a lot of the jurisdictions that, 'Okay, you tax me, and the money goes some place else,'" Young says. "This one allows them, if they choose to, to tax their own jurisdiction and keep the money in that jurisdiction to make the improvements they want."

A county or municipality wouldn't have to participate if they don't want to.

"It is enabling," Young says. "For example, if you have a major project you want to do, if you want to extend a metro line, build a highway, you can use that to pay for it. If you're satisfied with what you've got, you don't have to do it."

Governor Martin O'Malley (D) may introduce a state-wide gas tax increase.

Maryland's gas tax hasn't been increased since 1992.

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