Senator Wants to Ban Asking for Students' Social Media User ID, Password

FREDERICK, MD - A Maryland senator became the first legislator in the nation to sponsor a new law banning employers from asking for social media user IDs and passwords.

Now Senator Ron Young wants to make sure schools, college, and universities can't ask for students' Facebook or Twitter user IDs and passwords.

"It's a part of the Constitution. You have a right to privacy," says Young, (D) - Frederick and Washington Counties.

Young says a school asking for students' user ID and password is like going to their house and reading their mail.

"I think a lot of older people don't look at the technology of what the youth are doing today," Young says. "We can't ask to come into your house and listen to your phone calls or read your mail. We shouldn't have the right to read your private conversations on a computer either."

Young is sponsoring the bill in the Maryland Senate, which prohibits institutions from requiring, requesting, or suggesting a student or prospective student give over the information.

That's something those at Frederick Community College say they support.

"It may be a temptation for them to certainly want to know more about a student, but those types of things I feel an institution can interview a student on and find out that same information," says Laura Mears, associate vice president of enrollment management at Frederick Community College.

"I like it because it keeps people's information safe and that Facebook and Twitter are for your own personal messages with each other, with friends and family," says Savanna Moler, a FCC student.

"I don't think that teachers or anyone other than the person who feels it's okay to allow that privacy to be opened up to someone else should try to get into that," says Anastasia Lloyd, a FCC student.

Young hopes to keep the students' privacy more than a click away.

Frederick Community College, Hood College, and Mount Saint Mary's University all say they never ask for a student's social media user ID and password.

Young says he became concerned after learning schools in other states asked for student's log-in information.

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