"Senior Prom" Brings Students, Elderly Together


MARTINSBURG Wv.— It's officially prom season, but in Martinsburg it’s not just students who are dressing up and dancing. Senior citizens also joined in on the fun for the 19th annual senior prom at the Berkeley Senior Center.

"It makes you feel young, and I was very happy they were able to come out today because they always cheer up the place and make us feel better,” said senior Sy Blye.

Students from Hedgesville High School’s leadership class have been hosting the senior prom every year since 1995. Although the senior citizens have plenty of life experience, for many, the event gives them the chance to experience a first.

"Well I never went to prom so this really is my first prom,” said senior Fran Unger.

The dance, like any other prom, comes complete with photos, themed decorations and live music.

This year’s theme was Mardi Gras, and music was provided by Chuck Fisher, a musician who was the 2012 Baltimore County Senior Idol.

"Playing some music and taking them on a trip down memory lane with all the fantastic old music from the 50's 60's and some of the early 70's,” said Fisher.

"Some of them are coming up and teaching us how to dance, which is good because our generation needs a lesson in dancing,” said Hedgesville High School student Hana Ulman.

For the elderly, it's a time to reminisce.

"It brings back memories,” said senior Sarah Jones.

"It kind of takes you back, but it's a really good feeling to hear the old time music again,” said Blye.

For the teens, the senior prom is a time to help the community.

"Well because of all they've given to us,” said Hedgesville High School SGA President Robby Blair. They set the foundation for us and it's only right that we give back to them."

They may be decades apart, but the senior prom-goers say they appreciate each other for exactly that reason.

"One day they will be our generation so just keep it moving,” said Jones.

Event organizers say they hope to continue this tradition for many years to come.

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