Sherry Cruz's Sentencing Postponed While Defense Seeks Additional Evidence

- WINCHESTER, Va. - A judge postponed Tuesday's scheduled sentencing for the Winchester mother convicted of setting a fire that killed her two-year-old son, Christian last June.

A jury found Sherry Cruz guilty of first-degree murder, arson, and child abuse on March 13, 2014. They also recommended Cruz be sentenced to 36 years in prison for the crimes. 

Cruz was set to be formally sentenced Tuesday, May 20, but the judge postponed that sentencing because Cruz's defense attorneys requested for additional time to look for more specific evidence in her case, mainly regarding the exact location of a gas can and who currently is in custody of it. 

"In the end she's already been found guilty by the jury. We believe that is going to stand and that ultimately she'll get sentenced by the court," said Commonwealth Attorney Alexander Iden.

The sentencing has been rescheduled for 11 a.m. on June 30, 2014. 

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