Shooter in Barricade Situation Now in Custody

MARLOWE, W.Va. - For hours, a community was on edge after a man shot at police, and then barricaded himself in his home Monday evening. 

"Yeah it was very nerve-racking. I mean it's a very peaceful neighborhood," said Bethany House, Brookfield resident. 

State troopers and deputies with the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office responded to a home on Rivanna Run near Broad Lane around 8:30 p.m. after receiving calls about a domestic violence incident involving a man with a riffle. 

"He kind of stood behind a vehicle and he pointed the weapon at the officers. At which time they told him to drop it several times and they fired at him," Captain Eric Widmeyer, West Virginia State Police. 

Police said as soon as more officers arrived on the scene, they began evacuating nearby homes and blocking access to parts of the community

"We started going door to door with the help of Sheriff Lemaster asking people to leave their residence until we had the situation resolved," said Captain Widmeyer. 

An hour and half later, state troopers talked the shooter out of his home. He's been identified as 31-year-old Travis Brant. Brant was in police custody by 9:57 p.m. and then transported to the hospital. Officials said it was peaceful ending to an intense evening. 

"It was good cooperate effort between both agencies working together to you know bring a pretty much peaceful resolve to this and no one was truly injured," said Sheriff Kenny Lemaster, Berkeley County Sheriff's Office. 

But even with Brant in custody, some neighbors said they're in shock with what happened in their normally peaceful community. 

"I'm still a little shaken up because that's you know again furthest from my expectations that that would have happened," said House. 

Police haven't determined a motive, but they said Brant recently lost his job and believe he was intoxicated during the incident. Police also said they believe the home Brant was living in belonged to his father-in-law. 

There were no injuries. 

West Virginia State Police with assistance by the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office are investigating. Police said Brant is facing criminal charges.

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