Single Moms Earn Degrees While Living on Campus


CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - Stephanie Marshall is like any other parent. She does the dishes, plays with her kids, and handles the pressures of everyday life. But unlike many other single moms, Stephanie is also a college student living on campus with her kids.

Stephanie, 34, will be entering her second year at Wilson College this fall as part of their Women With Children program. She lives in a family-friendly dorm with her 10-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son.

"A lot of people are surprised that a program like this exists, and so was I. For a while I didn't think that it was real until I was here on campus,” said Stephanie.

While juggling kids and classes can be stressful, Stephanie says Wilson College’s atmosphere is fitting for her family. The school provides free childcare services for when the mothers are in class or studying.

When Stephanie and her kids are not busy, they are at college events, making friends with other students.

"I like living at Wilson College because all of the events,” said Stephanie’s son Logan Marshall.

On top of pursuing a full-time education while balancing the demands of motherhood, Stephanie also home schools her kids.

"She works very hard at teaching us, doing her schoolwork, and just being a mom,” said Stephanie’s mom Brettney Marshall.

"I feel happy for her,” said Logan.

It is support from her kids that keeps Stephanie going. Looking back, she says she never could have imagined how far she has come as a single parent.

"I think it's easy to feel like your life is out of control and you're overwhelmed and you're just kind of stuck in a situation that you're in,” said Stephanie. “But once you start looking and do something it's just amazing where you can go."

To learn more about Wilson College's Women With Children program, click here.

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