Six-Year-Old Cumberland Boy Remembered as a Superhero

- CUMBERLAND, Md. - Many of us get sick during winter months, but imagine the shock for a family who unexpectedly lost their six-year-old boy from complications from the stomach bug. Despite their loss, Laken Cardran's family has gained overwhelming support from their community. 

It's the story of one little boy who's being remembered in superhero proportions. 

"My heart just breaks. I'm a mom myself and it's just devastating for any mom to think about," said Misty Raines, friend of Laken's mother. 

Every mother's nightmare, losing their six-year-old son to an illness that unexpectedly became worse. 

"You could not meet any nicer child," said Andrew Ferguson, school counselor. 

Lakan Cardran came down with a stomach flu last week, a simple illness his parents thought would go away. But it took a turn for the worse. His illness escalated and eventually left him in cardiac arrest. 

"Laken was one of the best kids you could ever meet. He was friends with all of our students. He was a kid that was in the back of the classroom always with his hands up, wanting to answer a question," said Ferguson. 

Laken's mother posted the devastating news on her Facebook page and within seconds, a support page and a memorial fund was made, seeing comments and the number of 'likes' go up by the minute. 

"Patricia posted on her Facebook page earlier in the morning, but once the moms found out, we got into action. About 300 of us on our page and word just spread. At that point, people just started reaching out," said Raines. 

Friends and family say Laken loved superheros and in honor of him, supporters on Facebook all changed their profile picture to a superhero. 

The power of social media to remember a boy who was taken too soon. 

The family will be holding the funeral Thursday at the Central Assembly of God Church beginning at 1 p.m. If you would also like to donate money to the memorial fund, click here. For a link to Laken's Facebook memorial page click here

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