Skateboarding Across America for a Good Cause


URBANA, Md. - One Maryland resident has spent the last several months working his way across the United States in a rather unusual way but it was all for a good cause.

Mark Williams has spent the last four months completing an epic skateboarding journey across America to raise money for his future and for ovarian cancer research.

When he found out that one of his close friends was suffering from the disease, Mark decided to start a fundraiser online to help support her medical treatments.

"On this big trip I wanted to give it to breast cancer, originally, due to my last and closest grandparent fighting that. But I decided I wanted to help someone close to me. So when a good friend of mine, Sean Wright, told me about his sister Katie Wright fighting stage three ovarian cancer, I decided to then give that portion to them," said Mark Williams.

Mark began his journey in Vermont in March and so far, he has traveled nearly 8,000 miles on his skateboard across 35 states.

He skated from Vermont to Florida then to California before making his way back to Maryland.

On Saturday, he completed the last leg of his journey as friends and family waited anxiously with signs and banners to welcome him back.

So far, Mark has raised more than $4,000 and if you would like to donate to his cause, click here

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