Skin Cancer Surgery Option Available in Franklin County


FRANKLIN COUNTY, Pa. - The Summit Health Facilities in Franklin County now have three doctors that can provide patients with another skin cancer surgery option.

Through the Summit ENT and Hearing Services, and with the help of pathologists this process gives patients the option of surgically removing a legion and in the same day reconstructing the defect, if needed.

"It gives them access to care that they didn't have in the past so we can see them very rapidly once they are referred to our clinic usually within a week, and we are able to deal with it in that same amount of time, " said Dr. Carter Davidson M.D., P.H.D.

And for Franklin County, it is a service that is of good use to residents of all ages.

"Actually in this area where there is a lot of farming a lot of outside work people tend to have been exposed to a lot of sun. Because of that we see an extensive number of patients both very young in their teens and 20's and very old in their 80's and 90's," said Dr. Joshua Dunklebarger M.D.   

So far they say their patients are satisfied with the quick process, and also with the long term commitment 

"People are happy with their reconstruction and we are able to monitor long term for their skin cancer, and provide an integral system to managing skin cancer," said Dr. Davidson.

If you would like more information on this skin cancer surgery option you can call the Summit ENT & Hearing Services at (717) 217-6870 or visit the website by clicking here

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