Soldier Reunites With Daughters in Surprise Return Home


WAYNESBORO, Pa.The Waynesboro youth football team played their homecoming game Sunday, but for one cheerleader and her sister, it was a homecoming of a whole different kind.

As the Waynesboro Stallions defended their home ground against the Colts, PFC. Nathan Pierson stayed quietly in the press box, anxiously waiting for the moment he would surprise his two daughters.

Nathan returned to the United States Friday after being stationed in Kuwait for nine months.

He says there are no words to explain how much he missed his daughters: seven-year-old Alexis and three-year-old Avery.

“It's not really describable I would say." said Pearson, adding that the reunion was “nerve-wracking” for him.

As the choir sang the national anthem, Nathan made his way towards the field. Alexis and Avery did not know their dad was coming home until he was standing right in front of them.

When they were finally reunited, they too had a hard time describing in words how they felt. When asked how much she missed her dad, Alexis tearfully replied, “A lot.”

For this father and his daughters, spending time together is all they want to do now that they are back together.

"It's one of the things I’ve been looking forward to the whole time,” said Pearson. “Just spending normal, every day time with them."

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