Spring in Full Bloom, Folks Battle Allergy Season


HAGERSTOWN, Md. - The flowers are blooming, the trees are blossoming and it's finally starting to feel like Spring. While most of us are enjoying the warmer temperatures, Spring season also brings allergies.

"The headaches, the dizziness, your watering eyes and your running nose," said Teresa Sheriden. "Coughing and sneezing, and just the congestion."

After all the snow we got in the Winter, this Spring could hit people with allergies even harder. 

"The ground has plenty of moisture for the grass and the trees," said Francisco Sabado, an otolaryngology doctor. "It is already turning out to be a very allergic Spring."

If your allergies are already acting up, experts say it's important to get outside earlier rather than later.

"In the afternoon the pollen is more circulating rather than the morning," Sabado adds. "So if you have to do certain things outside do it more in the early part of the day rather than the afternoon."

Doctor Sabado says over the counter medicines are the best ways to treat your symptoms.

"One of the old reliables is diphenhydramine which is Benadryl," Sabado said.

"I don't like taking a lot of medicines," said Elaine Stoneberger, who also suffers from allergies. "I take what I have to when it really gets to me, but most of the time I just keep going."

"Some of them just put up with it," Sabado adds. "Once you really have significant symptoms in spite of medications, take allergy shots."

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