St. Mary's Catholic Church Celebrates Corpus Christi


HAGERSTOWN, Md. - Catholics from all over the world celebrated a special day on Sunday known as Corpus Christi.

"Which is our celebration as Catholics, our belief that Jesus is present in the Eucharist," said Father Collin Poston, the priest at St. Mary's Catholic Church. "He gives himself to us as food, his body and blood, to us to help us to be good."

"We celebrate Christmas because Jesus was born. We celebrate Easter because he was raised from the dead. We celebrate Corpus Christi because he's truly with us, right here, right now, wanting to be part of our life," said Todd Anderson, a member of the church.

Hundreds of people from St. Mary's Catholic Church walked through the streets of Hagerstown on Sunday afternoon to show their faith.

"What we did today is called a procession, where we processed Jesus in his presence in the blessed sacrament through Hagerstown," Poston said. "It was a very special day."

"To have that many people here was just incredible," said church member Elizabeth Anderson. "We were all just basically praising Christ and showing everyone that it's really the true presence of Christ in the Eucharist, and it was Corpus Christi."

Most people were members of the church, but local parishes, the Knights of Columbus, catholic daughters and even first communion children were a part of the celebration as well. Those walking stopped at each intersection along their walk to give a blessing to Hagerstown. They also stopped halfway at the city square for a prayer.

"We stopped and made a special time to pray there and offer a blessing there, not only to the people, but also to Hagerstown and to the world," Poston added.

Church members say they enjoyed the special day.

"I particularly love this day because it really shows us what we believe in," Poston said. "That we actually believe this is Jesus, and that he's with us in a special way."

"To be able to share my faith and say 'Hey, if you want to come join the Catholic church, or even just be faithful to Christ', that's what our message is," Todd Anderson said.

Members say they hope to make the walk an annual tradition.

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