St. Patrick's Day Drunk Driving Crackdown


WINCHESTER, Va. - In an effort to bring down drinking and driving over St. Patrick’s Day, three law enforcement agencies in Winchester and Frederick County are collaborating to do just that.

The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office, Winchester City Sheriff's Office, and Winchester Police Department are working together to bring down DUI related crime.

"All three agencies have been working together towards this goal for the past few years," said Lieutenant Warren Gosnell with Frederick County Sheriff’s Office.

Gosnell, Sergeant T.J. Roper with the Winchester City Sheriff’s Office, and Sergeant Tim Schraff with the Winchester Police Department headed up the partnership for their respective agencies.

In a partnered DUI checkpoint, each involved agency will send in some manpower.

"These checkpoints take a lot of manpower; it takes a lot properly run one," said Roper.

It takes about 15 law enforcement officials to be exact.

And when it comes to checkpoints, drunk driving isn't the only crime officers are looking for.

"So many people drive without license. So many people drive with expired registration. It just opens up a whole litany of things," Roper said.

Gosnell responded with a list of potential crimes that are caught through checkpoints. "Narcotics, marijuana, underage possession of alcohol, traffic infractions, warrants, wanted subjects who have been getting by up until now."

Officials say St. Patrick’s Day is one of the biggest drinking holidays of the year, and because it falls on a Monday in 2014 they're urging extra cautionary measures.

"Especially being on a weekday this year, we're worried about binge drinking," Roper said.

"Realize it takes alcohol a while to metabolize out of your system. If you're getting up early the next morning, and heading to work, you could still have enough alcohol in your system to be technically and legally be driving under the influence," Gosnell added.

Law enforcement officials say the check point will happen on the night of St. Patrick’s Day.

It will be located somewhere near the Winchester-Frederick County line.

Keep in mind, other checkpoints will be located all over the four-state area this weekend.

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