State Police: Recent Round of Snow Easier to Handle


HAGERSTOWN, Md. - Like a lion, March started with another round of snow.

But if you ask the Maryland State Police, this snow was one of the easiest to handle all winter.

"At this point practice makes perfect, we are to the point now that we can expect it and call out the proper resources we need to call out to make sure that we don’t have any accidents,” said Lt. Michael Fluharty, Maryland State Police.

Especially compared to the mid-February storm that surrounded Hagerstown with more than a foot of snow.

"The last storm before noon we had more than 100 accidents and this morning we are under 20 at this point,” said Lt. Fluharty.

State police say there were no major accidents to report Monday morning.

"Again, people are being smart, they are driving on the roads in an responsible manor, and they are staying off if they don’t have to be on the road,” said Fluharty.

Although this storm is not as severe as the last, state police say they just want to say goodbye to winter, for themselves and for everyone on the roads.

"Everyday we are hoping that we don’t see white anymore, we like to see green because people don’t seem to crash when the grass grows, only when the snow flies,” said Lt. Fluharty.


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