State Police Release New Video in I-81 Homicide

- FRANKLIN COUNTY, Pa. – Pennsylvania State Police released a video Thursday that they believe shows the vehicle of the person who shot and killed a man in what is being described as a road rage incident on I-81 in January.

“The video is being released, not so much to focus on the suspect’s vehicle, but more so to identify possible witnesses,” said Lt. Adam Kosheba in a press release.

"Our focus was to bring attention back to it and show that there were other vehicles that were there at the time of this incident and hopefully by issuing this video it might jog some people's memories regarding the incident and hopefully they'll come forward with any information they have and call our tip line," said Trooper Hicks. 

The video was shot from a camera at Mason Dixon Auto Auction at approximately 2:09 a.m. January 4, 2014. Officers say the suspect’s vehicle is the first visible in the video traveling left to right on the screen. The video was taken after the suspect is believed to have run the victim, Timothy Davison, off the road. The suspect then drove back around onto the interstate, where the suspect then killed him.

State police said they are confident that the suspect’s vehicle was seen by several motorists on I-81 between Martinsburg and Exit 10 in Maryland.

“We believe that several motorists traveling in Pennsylvania along Interstate 81 south in the vicinity of Exit 3 observed the victim’s vehicle in the median and possibly the suspect vehicle in the area at the time the homicide occurred, said Kosheba. “And as you can see in the video, there are numerous vehicles that were driving in that area during the time span of this incident.”

Police are urging anyone who witnessed anything in the area that night – whether they believe the information is significant or not – to company the PA Crime Stoppers Tip Line at 1-800-4PA-TIPS.

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