Storm Prediction Center Makes Changes to Severe Thunderstorm Forecasts in 2014

- NORMAN, OKLAHOMA (WHAG) - After years of using the old, Slight, Moderate, High risks for meteorologists to describe our chances for severe thunderstorms, that's all about to change in 2014...

That three level system, is going to become 5 beginning in 2014:

Marginal, Slight, Enhanced, Moderate and High will be used starting this year. Meteorologists at the Storm Prediction Center say this will better help convey the likelihood of severe weather to the public, and it will help local meteorologists convey the chances for severe weather.

Example, if only a few severe thunderstorms were forecast, the area would likely be placed in a Marginal risk for severe Thunderstorms.  If a more organized threat was to occur, we could be placed in a Slight or Marginal Risk.  Moderate and High Risks will more than likely still be used for severe weather outbreaks. 

More details to come as we get into the spring and severe weather season...

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