Storm Uproots Trees and Causes Property Damage in Shepherdstown


SHEPHERDSTOWN, WVa. - Within minutes, high winds and heavy rain blew through Shepherdstown leaving neighborhoods like the one on Duke Street with downed power lines, uprooted trees and lots to clean up.

"It was really all of a sudden it just got, it was sunny and then it just got really, really dark. And it was like really scary cause it was really windy and the rain was going horizontally," said Annie Sherman, Shepherdstown resident.

For Annie Sherman and her mother, they're salvaging what's left of their giant magnolia tree.

"We're trying to do our best to save what's still up and alive," said Sherman. "We're just taking it small branch by small branch trying to clear because it cut the main pathway to our house."

But Sherman said she's grateful the damage wasn't worse.

"I'm really thankful it didn't fall on our house or do any major damage to our sheds and our backyard or fall on the house or do any real damage," said Sherman. "And we have dogs in our backyard so I'm really thankful it didn't hurt our animals or anything like that."

For other families, being surrounded by so many trees was a concern.

"These big, old trees. And I know we've all kind of looked at these trees and they're beautiful but we worry about something like this happening," said Carie Rosen, Shepherdstown resident.

And even though the damage is done, many neighbors said they'll regroup and rebuild together.

Officials said it could take days to restore power but fortunately no one was hurt during the storm.

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