Students Learn Skills to Become Leaders

HAGERSTOWN, Md. - They may look young but these students are ready to be the future leaders of Washington County.

"Leaders are people who take charge and inspire others to do things for everyone else and there has always got to be that one person that you know leads the way,” said Danielle Hill, student organizer.

That is why they are here at this community leadership workshop to learn the skills needed to take charge in the community and within their lives.

“I would really like to be something in the medical field possibly something like a doctor or maybe a veterinarian because I love animals and I think could really help me to expand my knowledge with people and to interact with others,” said Leah Morgan, freshman student.

The workshop was organized by older students. The 30 freshman get a chance to talk to business leaders and brainstorm ideas with their peers.

"I hope they will be the future presidents of the rotary club, or the future presidents of a service club and that they really will truly make a difference in our community," said Meghan Lynch, student organizer.

The workshop also focuses on bringing awareness to literacy issues in the county. So far, the students gathered more than 100 books and hope to start reading programs during the summer. 

“The amount of people in our community that have a low literacy comprehension is astounding and it’s just not acceptable,” said Lynch. “We need to work towards fixing that.”

The workshop was sponsored by the Hugh O’Brien Youth Program that prides itself in helping to build the next generation of leaders.

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