Study Highlights Car Features for Senior Drivers

HAGERSTOWN, MD - A new survey from AAA found many senior drivers aren't driving a car that fits their needs.

That means a car with features to support health conditions like arthritis, vision problems and lack of flexibility.

AAA recommends cars with power seats that are easier to maneuver for those with hip or leg pain.
Thick steering wheels, large control panels, keyless entry and auto-dimming mirrors are also helpful.

AAA is studying the issue because drivers 65 and older have the highest rates of death in crashes.

"Different power seat options, or they need a heated steering wheel, and be able to get in and out," says Tex Miller of Hagerstown Ford. "Or they need a van so they don't have to actually slide their feet across."

The AAA survey found 9 in 10 senior drivers are driving cars that don't support their health conditions.

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