Study: WV HS Seniors Report Worst Reading & Math Scores of States Surveyed


MARTINSBURG, W.Va. - A new report shows West Virginia high school seniors had the worst reading scores sampled in 13 states last year, and were tied for worst in math.

"It's certainly disappointing and you would hope that you would fair better," said Berkeley County School's Assistant Superintendent Don Dollinger. "I think we have to keep in mind that it was a limited number of states."

Officials stress that only a portion of students are selected as part of this report, not the entire school as a whole. Changes are being made across the state to help improve scores in both reading and math"

"What you want to be able to do is take that information and to go and analyze it," Dollinger added. "Get to the root cause and then come up with a plan to make it better."

Dellinger says there are many factors that can contribute to these test scores, including poverty.

"That's the child that goes home and the first thing on their mind, and also their parents mind, is where does your next meal come from?" Dollinger said. "Doesn't make that quite as important (reading and math)."

West Virginia did not finish last in reading and math in the nation, just in the 13 states that were surveyed.

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